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Website Upgrades

The Ontario Paralegal Association has been investing resources design to upgrade our website to better address the needs of our members.  During the process of the upgrades, there may be unexpected issues.  As these issues develop, we will immediately address them.  We are aware of certain issues with the Paralegal Directory and this issue has been tasked as a priority issue by our IT support staff.

Because the website is programmed to sign you into all the platforms from a single sign in from the Website, it is important that you do not change your password on any of the platforms in the Members’ Resources as this may result in you losing access to other resources or possible the Website.  If you have to change your password, please do so from the website only.

We also ask members to take some time to update their profiles with the following information: bio information, a photograph, address information, email address, website url; telephone and fax number(s) and any other information that you wish clients to know about you.  This information is necessary as we intend to use your profiles as landing pages on the Internet.  Just imagine, all our profiles as landing pages on the Internet?

If you run into any other issues, please send an email to our Administrator at admin@opaonline.ca.