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Response to the Notary Misinformation

It has come to the attention of the Ontario Paralegal Association that several different organizations,and fellow paralegals, have been knowingly spreading misinformation in taking credit for paralegals to have the option to become notaries.

To clear up this misinformation, the Ontario Paralegal Association was the only driving force on this issue.

A search through both minutes and transcripts of Convocation for the years 2016 through 2019,  reveals that there were no discussions at the Law Society about paralegals becoming notaries. There are however, mentions of paralegals as notaries in the province of Quebec


A search of Hansard transcripts from the Ontario Legislature shows that not only was the move to allow paralegals to become notaries brought forth by the current Provincial Government, the change was fully backed the Ontario Paralegal Association.




The role of the Ontario Paralegal Association is underscored in the tweet from Attorney General Doug Downey about the notary changes for commissioning documents online.


The Ontario Paralegal Association is proud of the work we have done for our members and the profession.

This work could not be done without the support of the members of the Ontario Paralegal Association and the hard work of the volunteers.