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Though we in Ontario, and throughout Canada, often measure ourselves against America when we consider racism, this is not a helpful measure. Racism exists across Canada, and of course within the legal community as well. If we deny this, or remain silent to its reality, we allow racism to perpetuate.

Racial inequalities, in education, employment and access to justice continue to be realities for many, through bias and systemic barriers. This is not acceptable, and it is our responsibility individually and collectively to ensure this changes now.

Though many of us have not experienced what it feels like to be treated differently because of the colour of our skin, who we are, or what we believe, our role is to reflect, listen and advocate for equality. Diversity and inclusion make us stronger, and they make our society equitable and just.

At  OPA we reject racism. It has no place in any community., including ours, and we commit to being part of a positive change for justice, equality, diversity and inclusion, with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. We will step up and we will speak up as agents of positive change.