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Moving Towards Justice

The Ontario Paralegal Association is pleased to announce some positive changes, Attorney General Doug Downey is proposing to the justice of the peace vacancies process.

Currently the application process requires candidates to submit approximately 200 paper pages by mail and if selected attend an in-person interview. Attorney General Doug Downey is proposing an online application process, as well as online interviews, which will save time and resources.

The Justice of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee has general criteria set out that is used to vet candidates. The purposed changes would allow the committee greater flexibility to consider additional selection criteria if it chooses to do so, such as technology literacy and awareness in victims rights. This change will further access to justice by vetting based on the need of each community, ensuring qualified candidates.

It is also proposed the composition of the Justices of the Peace Committee would change to ensure local voices are present, this would ensure diversity is met in each community.

The Ontario Paralegal Association anticipates these changes will fill vacancies faster, produce qualified candidates and provide more transparency for candidates and the general public. The OPA is happy to continue to work on these changes and future changes with the Attorney General to advance access to justice for all Ontarians.

For more information please see The Ministry of the Attorney General’s news release here.