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Whether you are a paralegal student, new licensee or an experienced paralegal, we welcome you!
The Ontario Paralegal Association is more than a body of professional paralegals; we are a driven community that advocates for you!
Memberships last until December 31 of the current calendar year. You can still take advantage of the archived CPDs and benefits no matter when you join.


Non-voting membership with access to events and archives.
and then $25/yr.


Any person who holds a P1 license whose status is defined as "Not Providing Legal Services" by LSUC
and then $75/yr.


Any person who holds a P1 license in good standing as issued by the LSUC
and then $175/yr.
CPD Course Archive
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Online Directory Listing
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Vote on OPA issues & elections
Eligible to join Committees & Board of Directors
Memberships are non-refundable

Please note that as of December 31st, 2018 all student memberships will expire and the renewal for 2019 for students will be $25 plus HST ($28.25) The reason for the change is to allow the Ontario Paralegal Association to enhance our education of the public on the role of the paralegals.