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Eastern Ontario

Haliburton County: Haliburton, Minden, Wilberforce, Gooderham
Kawartha Lakes: Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay
Prince Edward County: Picton – Bloomfield, Wellington

by Lola Kushakova

Canadian Life Immigration Consulting Inc. firm was established by Lola Kushakova in Canada's Capital City, Ottawa. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, we are proud to represent Canadians and international clients from around the globe, offering services in their language. Our commitment to the success of each client is unparalleled and the...

 Immigration, Legal Services, Notary Public /  Eastern Ontario / 32 views

by Tonisha Pace

Cost Efficient Legal Solutions! Have you received a Traffic TIcket? Please contact me for a free confidential consultation to discuss your options!

 Legal Services, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 30 views

by Mohammed Ahmed

MyParalegal Legal offers professional paralegal services in Toronto, specializing in small claims court, traffic tickets, and landlord and tenant disputes. With a commitment to accessibility to justice, MyParalegal provides personalized legal solutions for client success. Contact us for expert guidance and representation.

 Landlord & Tenant, Legal Services, Notary Public, Small Claims, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 107 views

by Ashleigh Searles

My name is Ashleigh Searles, a dedicated paralegal and the founder of Searles Legal, providing legal services for landlords, property investors and property managers. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong expertise in rental property laws, staying updated with the latest regulations and changes in the field. I possess...

 Criminal Law, Human Rights Tribunal, Landlord & Tenant, Legal Services, Notary Public, Other, Small Claims, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 155 views

by Anna Gorzka

AMBER LAW NOTARY PUBLIC & LEGAL SERVICES Tel: (519) 992-2275  Email:    WWW: AMBER-LAW.ORG IMMIGRATION ASSISTANCE, TRANSLATION POLISH - ENGLISH AFFORDABLE SERVICES FREE CONSULTATION WEEKENDS & EVENINGS SERVICES PROVIDED Notarize, Certify, Seal and Legalize ALL Documents, Commissioner of Oaths services, including Swearing and Affirming your Signature Sworn Affidavits Statutory Declarations Consent...

 Immigration, Legal Services, Notary Public, Statutory Accident Benefits /  Eastern Ontario / 369 views

by David Paul

This tool will help you prepare for trial. Paralegals around the world are using Aleri to build stronger cases. OPA MEMBERS receive 10% off for the first 6 months. Aleri is based in Toronto, Ontario.

 Criminal Law, Legal Services, Other, Small Claims, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 211 views

by Ken Wong

Zensurance Paralegal Insurance provides comprehensive protection against the specific risks of offering legal services, including negligence and malpractice, meeting all Ontario Law Societies’ requirements. Get your free quote in under 5 minutes with our online application form.

 Other /  Eastern Ontario / 482 views

by Roderic McRandall

Let me help to balance the scales of justice for you.

 Small Claims /  Eastern Ontario / 228 views

by Clement PARADIS

Valour Legal Services offers legal representation for criminal matters (summary offences), Provincial Offences, Traffic Offences, Appeals, CVOR,  and Small Claims Court. Notary Public services available. We offer a free 30-minute consultation.

 Criminal Law, Landlord & Tenant, Legal Services, License Appeal Tribunal, Other, Small Claims, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 379 views

by Roderic McRandall

Building on 25 years of experience as a property manager, appearing numerous times before the Landlord and Tenant Board with a 95% success ratio, I went to Fleming College for the dual-diploma Paralegal/Law Clerk program and graduated mid-pandemic as a Dean's List student in each semester.  I obtained my license...

 Landlord & Tenant, Small Claims, Traffic Tickets /  Eastern Ontario / 592 views

by M A Mayer   Licensed Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario "LSO" M A Mayer is a licensed Paralegal permitted by law, to provide legal advise, services and representation; exclusively in the Province of Ontario; in compliance and within the jurisdiction of the Licensed Paralegal accordingly; as is defined by the...

 Landlord & Tenant, Legal Services, Other, Small Claims /  Eastern Ontario / 376 views

by Marshall Yarmus

Civil Litigations Paralegal Services was established in 1996. We are now serving clients all over Ontario. We are experts in Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court and representation. Our firm also offers judgment enforcement services. Civil Litigations is regulated and licensed by the Law Society of Ontario to...

 Landlord & Tenant, Small Claims /  Eastern Ontario / 581 views

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