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Jan 27 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



OPA CPD Series – Personal Management – Recognition Risks and Rewards


Now more than ever we all face enormous social and economic pressures. How are you self-managing during these challenging COVID-19 times?

In this CPD we will examine the importance of self-recognizing good mental health, and extenuating influences that negatively impact your mental health. If unrecognized and unaddressed, poor mental health has the potential to manifest into serious negative impacts on your family, business, and your Paralegal license. This CPD will equip you with the tools to identify, manage, and reduce the impact of negative external pressures and promote good mental health for future success.

Learn about best practice strategies and free community resources available to help you manage and cope during these COVID-19 times. Gain insight from our panel as they share personal success strategies for licensees when confronting mental health challenges. Discover some best practices when interacting with other professionals and when representing clients that may be facing similar challenges.

Guest Speakers:

Alysia Davies

Staff Clinician, Employee and Family Assistance Program at Homewood Health (LSO’s Member Assistance Program)


Darryl Singer

Head of Commercial and Civil Litigation, Diamond & Diamond Lawyers, and public speaker


PLEASE NOTE: There is a NEW process to sign up for the OPA CPD Series. More event details to follow in a separate email.

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