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COVID 19 and the AGM

The Ontario Paralegal Association is aware of how COVID 19 is impacting our daily lives. With the past 72 hours with many organizations from the NBA & NHL to concerts to community centres being closed in order to protect the health of everyone. We have Members that may have a comprised immune system or live with someone with a comprised immune system. We have Members that believe that our daily lives must continue on like normal.

With that in the mind, the Ontario Paralegal Association wants to get feedback from the Membership when it comes to the AGM.

The Ontario Paralegal Association has thought of at least 3 possible options.

Option #1 – Continue with the AGM and have a mix of online and in person. There may have to be social distancing in order to help protect those attending in person.

Option #2 – We go full virtual meeting. We can still have the meeting however it will lack the sense of community that makes us the Ontario Paralegal Association.

Option #3 – We postpone the AGM until COVID 19 has become more manageable or runs it course. This would allow us to have an in person meeting and be confident that COVID 19 will not infect anyone of your fellow Members.

The entire leadership of the Ontario Paralegal Association, will be meeting on March 19, 2020 at 7:30 pm to discuss this.

The comment section of this post has been opened to allow all Members of the Ontario Paralegal Association provide feedback, ideas, or have a discussion. Only Members of the Ontario Paralegal Association can see this post.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Delay AGM until after this craziness…

Bruce Parsons The Practical Paralegal

AGM Online would allow us to be seen supporting the public good.

We are unlikely, sadly, to go much over the 250 number but if we go online, we demonstrate solidarity with the ongoing efforts to slow Covid19.

We can continue Online thanks to the solid technology of OPA!! and good thoughts on the post and communication.

Go with Option #1.

I prefer Option 2. Lets do it online only.

Melville Olsberg

Where do we find the certificate for the January CPD?
Melville Olsberg J.P.

Melville Olsberg

I also forgot that we should be able to find the certificate for the February CPD!

Melville Olsberg

Where do we find the certificate for the January CPD? Also the February COD!
Melville Olsberg J.P.

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