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By-law Changes

Way back in 2018 near the end of the year. The Board made a By-law change to allow anyone who has a valid P1 licence to become a Voting Member regardless if they practicing law or not. This was done as the old By-law discriminated against those who had a P1 license and were unfortunately unable to be the advocate that they wanted to be.

This was fixed.

The Board made a few more amendments such as granting leave to a Director or allowing a Director to resign with cause and still be allowed to run again.

I started keeping track of these changes. It was when I started tracking these changes and adding them to the By-laws. I realized that the By-laws had to be updated. Some of these changes were small and some were big.

After countless hours of work, it is now time to present a more presentable draft of the By-laws.

I will be scheduling 3 different informational sessions for the Members to provide their feedback and get a better understanding to why some of these changes were being made.

You can view the proposed changes here: https://opaonline.ca/opa-2020-by-law-changes/. You will also able to view the old By-laws right beside the proposed changes.

There is one thing that needs to be clarified when it comes to the Student Director. I have added two different ways in the By-laws. This was done to start a discussion on how a Student Director should be on the Board.

Dates for the Informational sessions will be:

If you are unable to attend any of the meetings. The corresponding PowerPoint presentation will be provided to the Members. The PowerPoint presentation will be released shortly.

The final draft will be sent out on March 18, 2020.


Mitchell Kent, Director