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2013 – Elaine Page


Elaine Page received the 2013 Distinguished Paralegal Award at the Law Society annual awards ceremony on May 29.

A leading proponent of formal and informal education and mentoring, she received the honour in recognition of her outstanding achievements and contributions to the development of the paralegal profession.

Page told the 200-plus guests at the ceremony that Ontario’s paralegals have moved from the shadows to become legitimate, respected and proud professionals. “We did it as a community, supporting each other in ways unheard of in most professions,” she said.

“When one of us is in need, it is like a battle cry to the community and assistance is immediate and is profound. We, as a community, have been mentoring each other long before it was a buzzword. The difference now is that we get CPD credits for doing it.”

Page thanked all the lawyers with whom she and her colleagues had worked long before paralegal regulation existed.

“Your faith in our ability to provide quality legal service to your clients allowed us the opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of membership into the Law Society. I look forward to strengthening our relationship and together providing exceptional access to justice to the people of Ontario.”

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